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Contactless QR Menu

Introducing Contactless QR Menus.
Customers Scan a QR to Instantly View a Menu.
No Downloading, No Apps, No Fuss

Choose one of our Amazing Free QR Flyer Templates

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Contactless QR Menu

Image Menu

Need a quick solution? An Image Menu may be for you. Upload your images and you are done. Works with PDF too.

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Ordering Menu

Customers View an interactive menu. You are in control, update daily specials and pricing instantly. Allow Customers to Order and Pay. No Fees, No Commission, Ever.

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Contactless QR Menu

Contactless Check In

Required to collect customer details for Covid19 contact tracing? Just enable the check in feature on your menu

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Contactless Checkin Covid

Optional Guest Types

Seperate your guests into different types. For Example: Dine In Guests, Curbside Pickup, Takeaway, or Delivery.

Hotel? Handle hotel guests, poolside orders, beach orders, conference room orders. Increase orders in unserviced areas with a simple QR menu.

Contactless Dine In Curbside Takeaway Delivery

Stay Social

Putting off Social Media? It's all done for you. Social sharing buttons can be enabled for every page of your menu.


You can also share your Menu to your facebook and instagram. Just paste your URL it into a post for some Amazingly Free marketing

Contacless Menu Social Media
Seamless Self Management

Instant Menu Updates

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Contactless QR Menu

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