A QR Code Sign In for Restaurants Should Also Include Ordering or Scan to See Menu – UPDATED!

A QR Code Sign In for Restaurants Should Also Include Ordering or Scan to See Menu – UPDATED!

A QR Code Sign In for Restaurants Should Also Include Ordering or Scan to See Menu – UPDATED!


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Restaurants Can’t Afford to Be Shut Down

Restaurants, allowed to open under certain restrictions, certainly do not want to risk having to close by not adhering to COVID Safe regulations. Recently a restaurant in Sydney, NSW was hit with a $10,000 fine by not enforcing the COVID Safe sign in procedure for all guests.

To simplify the process many countries around the world, including the NSW Government in Australia, are recommending using QR Codes for guests to enter their details. The Victorian Government is also requiring restaurants and bars to record the contact details of every guest who enters their establishment as per their guidelines here. England also has just mandated collecting track and trace details. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has stated that from Monday, 14th September, “it would become compulsory for pubs and restaurants to take customers’ details for the test and trace programme.”

QR Sign In & QR Menu: a Pair of Champions

For restaurants to not only increase their COVID-Safe measures it makes sense for the guest to continue to order from that point, right from their phone. With their phone already in their hand, they can immediately start to order, adhering to social distancing requirements and not crowding the bar. For the restaurant, this will speed up table turn over and help with brand building as guests are interacting more with their menu. It will prove especially helpful for Melbourne and Sydney’s restaurants expanding their service areas for outdoor dining. Patrons can send their order right from their phones to the kitchen ensuring restaurants can manage their outdoor tables more efficiently. It also exposes the guest to their digital menu, allowing them to see that pick up and delivery is also on option. For restaurants that are worried about going back into lockdown, having more diners aware of their takeaway and pick up options will certainly assist in keeping revenue flowing in through these alternate ordering channels.



Orderlina can do this in two ways. Have the guest submit their contact details at the entrance and require the guest to provide their details during the order process.


Government QR CODE Systems vs. COVID Sign-In + QR Menu

In Australia, both the NSW Wales and Victorian Governments have launched their QR COVID Sign-In Apps. In the UK the NHS also has a track and trace solution.

These are all free services and provide valuable contact tracing data directly to the relevant government services. Perfect for retail services where customers enter a venue already chosen their product and want to be compliant.

Hospitality venues, however, benefit from displaying their menu immediately after QR Code sign in. Guests prefer to provide their data to their local restaurant knowing this is only handed over to government services when required. Then there is a huge convenience to the guest to be able to start their order as soon as seated. Based on an increase of 5-star reviews for restaurants with table ordering, it is clear guests love it. As highlighted earlier, QR Menus allow the restaurant to do more with less, especially important with the current hospitality staff shortage in Australia. As the guest already has the menu in hand it’s one less table visit for busy staff and then again for taking the order is it will go directly from the guest’s phone to the kitchen!

If restaurants and bars are having to procure new technology to remain open during COVID restrictions they should maximize it to their benefit. Guests, still worried about going out, will have a sense of additional safety by not having to touch menus that may have been handled by others. Restaurants can have a two-in-one solution for best COVID-SAFE practices. A QR Code Sign in and a QR Menu. Orderlina has a free plan here.


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