A QR Menu For Restaurants is Contactless, Not Hospitality-Less

A QR Menu For Restaurants is Contactless, Not Hospitality-Less

A QR Menu For Restaurants is Contactless, Not Hospitality-Less

Adopting new technology is difficult for any industry and hospitality is no exception. Restaurants and hotels pride themselves on beautifully designed menus with excellent service and often resist digital solutions such as a QR Menu.

If guests, however, are sending their orders straight to the POS and paying by mobile staff are spending less time on data entry and more time in front of guests.

A QR Menu For Restaurants is Contactless, Not Hospitality-Less

When we think of going to a restaurant, we visualize a radiant ambience, light music, quality food, and excellent staff. Surprisingly, it has been the same for hundreds of years now. That’s because restaurants and hotels are all about service. Hence, to bring out positive technical changes in this age-old industry, let’s look at how QR Menus and table ordering enhance hospitality.

Due to COVID-19, customers have adopted the convenience of technological advancements such as QR code menus. Digital menu options acted as a game-changer for the hospitality industry and made QR code menu a new normal for their guests.

A QR menu is one of the easiest ways for contactless, convenient dining; however, that does not mean less-hospitality.

After checking our client reviews, we’ve compiled some of the best reasons that suggest A QR menu for restaurants is contactless, not hospitality-less.

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More 5 Star Reviews

By the mere display of QR codes on flyers and menu links on social media pages for instant menu access, many restaurants in New York, and Toronto were able to increase their reach to potential customers. An additional factor for the same was that there was no need to download an application.

@BARELYDISFIGURED – NY, USA, ordered a custom QR menu that looked like their brand. They implemented it at their cocktail bar. Guests found ordering to be more fun and convenient; hence, their awesome Instagram stories by their guests.

@LULUSCHOCOLATE BAR – Savanah, USA increased their orders via social media by adding a link to their QR Menu as the Start Order button on their Facebook page. 

It saved time for the customer, and the restaurant, as nobody had to wait in a queue. Also, the contactless QR code menu was just what they needed to thrive in COVID times.

The hospitality industry is all about friendliness, a sense of care, and convenience. Restaurants and hotels that take the time to implement latest technologies such as QR Menus always stay ahead. That’s coz they aren’t afraid to explore options that enhances their guest experience. 

Reducing Staff POS Data Entry Makes for a Better Guest Experience

Great wait staff are paid for their ability to interact with customers, table observation, and being able to sell to their needs. By removing the data entry and payment management the ordering process is reduced by half with a QR Menu.

  • Wait staff can now focus more on the guest experience and less on walking credit cards from the table to the POS.
  • The same menu consultation skills apply as guests are menu browsing on their phones as with paper menus.
  • Wait staff can make the guest aware of specials and pairs such as a salad or fries that go with that top-selling steak dish. 

More With Less

Due to the worldwide global hospitality staff shortage restaurants are having to be more efficient with current staffing levels.

Technology can help through table ordering by reducing the ordering steps by more than 50%. It also increases table-turns but up to 10 minutes per seating. By removing the initial order entry and the to and fro of another round of drinks; high volume restaurants are reporting they can manage large, outdoor eating areas of over 50 tables with only one wait staff.  

It Is A Better Guest Experience

Guests can start their order as soon as seated. Additional drinks can be ordered at any time, without the need to interrupt their conversation to get the servers’ attention. Payments are made using their secure phone id making the payment instant with payment gateways such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Once done, they can simply leave.

The true power, however, of the QR Menu remains untapped. For the first time, the industry now can automatically re-market dine-in guests with their pick-up and delivery products.

By connecting their QR Menu to social media they can now provide their guests with updates on new products and menu changes. To learn more check out our social media guide.

You Can Now Upsell

Upselling your brand/product is of utmost importance for any business, especially in the hospitality industry.

With the help of contactless menus in the form of QR codes, your staff would have the time to upsell your best product/service/brand.

For instance, most of the bars have happy hours each day. You can utilize your staff to inform potential customers about the same. You can also spend time with social media marketing companies to plan a proper campaign, such as integrating QR menus on social media accounts, which can have a better impact on the customer.

Menu items such as fries and salads will generate the most profit. The reason behind this is the low-cost ingredients and less time to prepare. Pairing them alongside high-cost top-selling items such as a specialty burger increases the profit of the top-selling item. A mobile QR menu allows the restaurant to make these items more prominent on the guest’s phone. It allows them to quickly add the optional sides to their order basket.

In Conclusion

Needless to say, such digital options must’ve been implemented about a decade ago. QR codes are such an easy concept that as soon as a customer sees a QR code stand on the restaurant table, they already know what they need to do.

It works furthermore efficiently in over-crowded bars. One can find people at every nook-and-corner of the bar.

By placing a QR menu on the bar counter, not only do you make the experience better for the guest but increase your staff productivity too. Not just that, it also cuts down your outgoing expenses involved in staffing, and admin, hence, increases revenue.

As far as hospitality is concerned, implementing a new normal such as QR based ordering system takes time to bring staff alongside benefits of the solution and making guests aware of the new technology. Restaurants who have made the switch report that it is “keeping our business afloat” and increased guest satisfaction with up to 95% adoption of table ordering using a QR Menu.