Best Restaurant Delivery Platforms with No Commissions 2020

Best Restaurant Delivery Platforms with No Commissions 2020

Best Restaurant Delivery Platforms with No Commissions 2020

Free Delivery Platforms

Setting up a delivery service is a lifesaver for some businesses, especially where delivery is a preferred option over in-venue dining. Due to developments in online delivery services, your takeout and delivery options should no longer be tied to high commissions. In this post, we will be sharing some of the best free (or commission-free) delivery platforms of 2020.

We’ve included platforms in the list that are not completely free. So they may charge a flat monthly fee or offer premium paid services but what they all have in common is that they do not charge a commission on each order. Check out our free calculator here to find out how much your online ordering will cost over time in commissions and transaction fees.


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First on our list is one of the popular free online ordering systems designed for both restaurants and consumers. It allows restaurants to accept orders for pickup via the restaurant’s website as well as their Facebook page.

If you are a restaurant owner, you can signup through their official website. You are required to complete some information, including the address, opening hours, payment info, and tax information. However, if you are a consumer, you will only need to click the order button on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Gloriafood allows customers to choose the items they want; as the consumer, you will also be permitted to select the type of sauce, toppings, choice of dish crust, amongst other options.

Just like every other Restaurant Delivery Platforms with No Commissions we have on our list, Gloriafood is commission-free – this lets the restaurants to accept unlimited orders for delivery or pickup without paying any commission. There are no hidden costs or setup fee.


  • It offers a low-cost solution for restaurants
  • It is a free online ordering system


  • Limited options to customize the menu for a restaurant’s brand


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Chownow is one of the largest companies in the food delivery industry. Chownow does not offer coupons and discounts and they do have some mixed reviews however these may not relate to their more recent product releases. It is one of the leading online ordering and marketing platform for restaurants around the world. Based in Los Angeles, it was founded in 2012. This platform has sophisticated ordering technology and should be considered for any restaurant wanting to avoid high commissions.

Chow Now enables restaurants to integrate their website and to also offers a customized mobile app for Android and iPhone. Additionally, the platform also lets you take orders from multiple customer acquisition channels.


  • It offers a convenient way to order food
  • It is easy and quick once you have been set up


  • The user interface could be improved


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This is a real restaurant management solution that features iOS and Android apps as well as a POS system. It has sales analytics, inventory management, and a lot more. Upserve offers some time-saving tools which include tip adjustments, shift notes, integrated logbook, as well as workforce management. Upserve also offers industry tableside POS.

‘Restaurant people’ designed the platform and the company combines an easy to use interface with high-end POS features which gives it streamline capabilities for restaurant operators. When combined with Upserve Payments and Upserve HQ, the POS version delivers advanced restaurant management and advanced POS solution to the entire food industry.


  • The platform is well designed for all restaurant employees
  • Robust reporting
  • Online ordering is available
  • The interface is customizable


  • Not super intuitive
  • Reports of outages


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Another fantastic commission-free platform. You won’t have any trouble signing up for Menufy; it’s intuitive, and as stated on the box, you won’t need not worry about hidden fees, contracts or cancellation fees.


  • The interface offers a great user experience.
  • No hidden fees, no cancellation fees or contracts.


  • Customers Service limitations


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Contactless Qr Menu Marcelas

Next on our list is a rising star when it comes to commission-free food delivery. Orderlina, one of the worlds leading QR Menu solutions for dine-in and pick up, has added a self-managed delivery solution. Orderlina offers easy menu creation and ordering for bars, restaurants, and hotels with a focus on quick and intuitive onboarding.

Additionally, the platform offers a host of features including discounts, free or flat delivery fees, or by radius. Restaurants can receive orders and use their own drivers or outsource to a logistics company. A native delivery star, allowing restaurants to customize their menu with their colours and logo. Also, they include Facebook and Instagram integration with all plans allowing venues to re-market their delivery and pickup products to their dine-in customers.  Their multi-plan offers complete branding control and a custom domain. Ideal for restaurant chains aiming to maximise profit by using a native delivery solution for web, social and mobile ordering. 


  • Setup in minutes without needing to speak to a salesperson
  • The free plan allows you to trial the product
  • Menus can be customized according to your brand with colours and logos. 
  • Social media integration allows venues to promote their delivery products to dine-in customers


  • Langue translation is not automatic and done by translators


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Lunchbox is an all-in-one restaurant ordering suite. The platform partners with restaurants to ultimately build a digital ordering system which cuts across different apps and websites. Additionally, they’ve got a monthly SaaS model which lets restaurants of all sizes to benefit from the power of Lunchbox.

Hence, they’ve successfully created a great omnichannel system that allows restaurants to take back their share of the digital real estate.


  • Amazing interface


  • Pricey and no free plan


There exists a range of Restaurant Delivery Platforms with No Commissions solutions. When making your choice ensure your preferred solution offers social media integration and branding control. Also, if you have a restaurant with existing systems give LUNCBOX.IO a try.  If you are looking for a quick and easy to set up with branding control, try ORDERLINA


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