Best Commission-Free Online Ordering Systems for Restaurant Delivery in 2022

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Restaurants, like all physical businesses, have a location problem. No matter where you’re located, you can only attract a small percentage of your city’s residents to your restaurant’s premises. So, how do you cater to the vast majority of your city-wide foodies? The answer is commission-free online ordering systems. If you set up a digital ordering system, online orders will pour in. Your customers will be able to place orders from anywhere and anytime you’re open. The system will even let your customers order pick-ups at your restaurant. Expand your wings and reach your customers in any corner of the city. The best part? Commission-free online ordering systems don’t charge you for every order you receive. You shouldn’t pay for success, should you now? You may still pay a monthly fee for some of the best online ordering systems out there, but it’ll be a fixed monthly fee that isn’t tied to your volume of orders. Instead, you’ll pay only for the premium features you wish to use. In fact, if you don’t want these premium features, a free online ordering system for restaurants will do the trick just fine. However, a commission-free online ordering system is the next best thing to a free online ordering system for small businesses because they come with premium tech support.

Best Online Ordering Systems With No Commission for Restaurant Delivery in 2022

Here are the top six food ordering systems for restaurants to help you go online and attract more customers to your business. None of them charge you any commissions:


gloria commission-free restaurant delivery software
Hands down, one of the most popular and free online ordering systems, Gloriafood enjoys positive feedback from both restaurants and customers who have used it. It allows restaurants to accept orders for pick-up or delivery via the restaurant’s website and Facebook page. Restaurant owners can sign up through the company’s official website using business details, such as restaurant address, open hours, payment info, and tax information. Consumers, however, enjoy a far more seamless process. They browse the menu items you’ve listed, build their cart, click the “order” button on the restaurant’s Facebook page, and they’re done. You can even let them customize their choices with add-ons like sauces, toppings, and so on for relevant items. Like every other online ordering software on our list, GloriaFood is commission-free too. Get unlimited orders for delivery or pick-up, and every cent goes directly to your account. There are no hidden costs or setup fees.


  • It offers a low-cost solution for restaurants
  • It is a free online ordering system


  • Limited options to customize the menu for a restaurant’s brand


ChowNow commission-free restaurant food delivery software
ChowNow is an established player in the restaurant industry. Since its inception in 2012, ChowNow has become a leading brand among online ordering and marketing software providers for restaurants worldwide. They do not offer coupons or discounts, which poses a problem for restaurants when they embark on marketing campaigns. Furthermore, ChowNow has received mixed customer reviews, although they may not necessarily apply to the company’s recent product releases. ChowNow offers sophisticated ordering technology, making it one of the top online restaurant ordering software providers out there. It enables restaurants to integrate online ordering into their website easily. Moreover, ChowNow offers a customized mobile app for both Android and iPhone platforms to restaurants. Additionally, the platform lets you take orders from multiple customer acquisition channels.


  • It offers a convenient way to order food
  • It is easy and quick once you have been set up


  • The user interface could be improved


UPSERVE commission-free restaurant food delivery software
This is a bonafide restaurant management solution for iOS and Android platforms. It serves as a POS system and has sales analytics, inventory management, and other terrific features. Upserve offers some time-saving tools, including tip adjustments, shift notes, an integrated logbook, and workforce management tools. Upserve also offers tableside POS. In a nutshell, Upserve is one of the best online ordering systems for restaurants with robust, mobile-friendly features “Restaurant people” created and designed the platform, combining an easy-to-use interface with high-end POS features, giving it streamlined capabilities for restaurant operators. When combined with Upserve Payments and Upserve HQ, the POS version delivers advanced restaurant management and a comprehensive POS solution. Whether you’re taking orders online or at the table, Upserve makes it a smooth and hassle-free experience. It’s undoubtedly one of the most loved commission-free online ordering systems.


  • User-friendly design for both employees and customers
  • Robust reporting
  • Online ordering is available
  • The interface is customizable


  • Not super intuitive
  • Reports of outages


Menufy free online ordering system for restaurants.
Menufy is another fantastic commission-free delivery software for restaurants. It offers one of the fastest and most user-friendly web apps for online ordering. You won’t have trouble signing up with Menufy – it’s simple, easy, and intuitive. There are no hidden fees, contracts, or cancellation fees to worry about either. Menufy is as simple as it gets. Customers will appreciate the easy-to-use interface, which offers them a smooth and fluid food ordering experience. Happy customers, impressed by their food ordering experience with you, will be more likely to order from you again.


  • The interface offers a great user experience
  • No hidden fees. No cancellation fees. No punishing contracts


  • Customer service limitations


Orderlina commission-free restaurant food delivery and QR menu
Next on our list is the rising star of commission-free online ordering systems – Orderlina. Despite being a new player in the industry, Orderlina has rapidly grown into one of the world’s leading QR menu solutions for dine-in and pick-up orders. It offers a brilliant self-managed ordering and delivery solution with an easy QR menu setup. Whether you are running bars, restaurants, or hotels, Orderlina makes onboarding a quick and intuitive process for your employees. You can hit the ground running from day 1. Additionally, the online ordering software comes preloaded with robust features to support your business. For instance, a discount feature allows you to offer attractive deals to your customers. Likewise, you can set the delivery fee for orders based on distance (radius), charge a flat fee, or even offer free deliveries. Restaurants can receive orders and fulfill them using in-house drivers or outsource delivery to a logistics company. A native delivery star, Orderlina, allows restaurants to customize their QR menu and other app components with their colors and logos. The Facebook and Instagram integrations built into Orderlina (available with all plans) allow restaurants to re-market their delivery and pick-up products to their dine-in customers. The multi-plan offers complete branding control and a custom domain. This is ideal for restaurant chains aiming to maximize profits by using a commission-free ordering system that users can use across web, mobile, and social platforms. In a world where mobile ordering can open up enormous opportunities for restaurants, Orderlina has proven invaluable.


  • Setup in minutes, without needing to speak to a salesperson
  • The free plan allows you to trial the product
  • Fully customizable for your brand
  • Social media integration allows venues to promote their delivery products to dine-in customers
  • QR menu provides additional benefits


  • Language translation is not automatic and is done by translators

6. LUNCHBOX.IO – DON’T FORGET IT! SaaS-based commission-free delivery ordering system.
Lunchbox is an all-in-one restaurant ordering suite. The online ordering software allows restaurants to build an integrated digital ordering system that cuts across different apps and websites. Additionally, they’ve got a monthly SaaS model which lets restaurants of all sizes benefit from the power of Lunchbox. They’ve successfully created a terrific omnichannel system that allows restaurants to take back their share of digital real estate.


  • Amazing interface


  • Pricey and no free plan


Online Ordering Systems
There exists a range of online restaurant software for food delivery with no commission. Whether you choose a free online ordering system or a premium subscription, ensure that your preferred solution offers social media integrations and branding control. If you have a restaurant with scattered and disparate digital systems in place, give LUNCHBOX.IO a try.  If you are looking for quick setup, easy-to-use features, and branding control in your commission-free online ordering software, try ORDERLINA.

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