Best QR Menu for Restaurants and Hotels 2020

Best QR Menu for Restaurants and Hotels 2020

Best QR Menu for Restaurants and Hotels 2020

Digital Menu via QR Code

QR code menus fill in the gap between delivery apps and big screen digital menus. Customers scan a simple table code and are presented with detailed descriptions of foods and services, all in browser and without any downloads.


A good QR menu provides attractive pictures, detailed descriptions, and covers both in and out of restaurant ordering and payment. Your restaurant and staff will operate with peak efficiency, minimize miscommunications and wait times, and have access to immediate translations to spare you hiring interpreters. 


To make sure your restaurant finds the right QR menu, I’ve compiled a list of some top ranked services and their features.

Bonee - Take away and timing




Great for Take Away and Order Timing 

Star free iconStar free iconStar free iconRating free icon

I had some trouble with Bonee because their sample QR menu wasn’t working, but it lists solid features for customer ordering and customizable controls. Customers can schedule a precise pickup window or reserve ahead and be greeted with their food at their table.


  • Customizable and quality tools
  • Ordering and reservations


  • No app. That’s normally better, but an app could be important for the ordering features when you don’t have the code in front of you

Quick Orders – Variety of venue sizes

Quick Orders



Variety of Venue Size Options Available 

Star free iconStar free icon

Quick Orders provide options for restaurants, hotels, and even large venues such as swimming pools and stadiums. However, their website and menu app are a bit clunky and I couldn’t get their 25+ languages to work. 



  • Multiple venues


  • Buggy

Menulingua – Best for Chinese Clientele




Great for Chinese Menus 

Star free iconStar free iconStar free icon

Menulingua is a QR menu ordering and payment system. It has a clean interface with many language options. It also claims to be able to boost Dazhong Dianping (Chinese TripAdvisor) ratings.



  • Many languages
  • Chinese concentration
  • Simple interface


  • No app
  • Simple interface

Eatsee – Free option




Generous Free Option

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Eatsee has three membership levels, the lowest being free for restaurants who want to create their own menu. Better features, such as professional photos, advertising, and analytics come with a paid pro plan. It requires you to log in with Facebook, which is bizarre and potentially problematic.



  • Interface with filters and ordering
  • Free option


  • Requires Facebook

Wmenu – Best for large venues




Great for Large Venues 

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Wmenu is geared towards large hotels and resorts that benefit from easy submenus, such as bars, rooms, restaurants, pools, nightclubs, and general services. It provides a hotel guide for guests and real-time updates for conferences and events. If that’s your thing, it’s pretty slick. The biggest downside is that the interface is built to be crowded so it’s not the best looking, especially on mobile.



  • VERY powerful hotel guide


  • Crowded interface

Orderlina – Quick & Intuitive



Quick and Intuitife.  Orderlina now have a free self managed delivery & take away solution to help restaurants during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Star free iconStar free iconStar free iconStar free iconRating free icon



UPDATE: Since the outbreak of the conrona virus Orderlina have now added a self managed delivery & takeaway solution FREE – No Commissions. Restaurants can manage their delivery & pick up orders, avoid costly delivery platform commission while keeping staff employed as drivers.

Orderlina has photos and full descriptions of dishes with support for a huge amount of venues, including travel operators, with a full chat system. Most interestingly, Orderlina can have nearby food or products delivered to a partner establishment, like a bar or hotel. That would be great for a food truck. Optionally, it provides a personal domain name or personal website integration. 



  • Free Self Managed Delivery & Takeaway Solution Due to Corona Virus Outbreak
  • Most expansive set of features
  • Local food delivery


  • Other QR menus could be better in certain situations

Finedine – Best for in-restaurant menus




Great for Restaurant Menus 

Star free iconStar free iconStar free iconStar free icon

Finedine has an app but I couldn’t get it to load, and according to reviews I’m not the only one. But the loading screen was beautiful, and from what I saw on the web it is gorgeous inside as well, including well-designed interfaces for upselling, cross-selling, order customization, and feedback. 


  • Beautiful design


  • App problems

The Best QR Menu Is?

None of these apps excels in every category. If you have a large resort give Wmenu a try.  If you are looking for an easy QR menu that’s quick and free to set up, try Orderlina. If you want an in-restaurant menu and nothing else go with Finedine.

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