How A Contactless Ordering Solution Increases In-Guest Revenue for your Hotel

How A Contactless Ordering Solution Increases In-Guest Revenue for your Hotel

How A Contactless Ordering Solution Increases In-Guest Revenue for your Hotel

“Operators will implement contactless technologies like QR code menus, frictionless ordering payment options.”Junior Therriault, General Manager of About Last Knife, Chicago.

Contactless Ordering Solution Increases In Guest Revenue for your Hotel

Adversity is the mother of innovation, and a contactless ordering solution may be a deal-breaker for hospitality businesses. Innovative technologies such as QR Menus, dynamic ordering applications, and commission-free delivery modules have rapidly been integrated with restaurants and hotels. With staff shortages and reduced revenue, hotels are looking to hospitality tech solutions to grow their in-guest revenue.

Starting with the advantages of contactless ordering solutions, this article addresses how adopting a no-contact menu and ordering systems will help hospitality businesses increase revenue for both guests staying at the property and walk-ins.

Why Hotels Should Implement a Contactless Ordering Solution as They Begin to Open Again?

The benefits of a contactless ordering solution are: 

1. Guests Instantly Access & Order from Your Hotel’s Services 

With the help of a contactless ordering system, you enable your guest to explore all of your services, such as restaurants, tours, entertainment, and anything else you offer easily on their mobile devices. 

2. No More Apps Please

QR code contactless solutions do not require your guests to download an app. All you need is the camera on your phone, Google Glasses, or any other device to access the hotel’s services. 

3. Do More With Less  

Utilize your workforce’s full al by facilitating such options that you get with contactless ordering solutions. Also, the smarter option for hotels is to outsource Food & Beverage (F&B) services because such integrative technologies serve guests in a better way. Hence, hotels can minimize their F&B costs to local restaurants while still offering world-class in-room dining. Starting with any type of food delivery, to room service as scheduled by the hotel resident, is taken care of by the service partner, as well as you can align your hotel staff to serve the guests in a better way!

4. Keep Your Guests Informed 

Guests can even keep themselves updated by “opting-in” for updates about routinely provided services such as yoga classes, happy hours, and restaurant hours. Your guest will never miss out on anything they want to do again!  

The advantages of a no-contact ordering system open new pathways to capitalize fully on your in-guest revenue.

How a Contactless Ordering System Helps Hotels Maximize In-Guest Revenue

“Enabling technologies such as digital check-in and check-out solutions, bringing the status of room cleanliness to a guest’s fingertips, delivering location-driven availability and rates, and offering upsells enabled by AI/ML technologies.” – Laura Calin, VP, Strategy and Solutions Management at Oracle Hospitality


Here are how contactless ordering systems help hotels maximize profits in terms of in-guest revenue.

1. Give Your Future Guests A Taste Of Your Menu

Contactless Ordering Solution

Contactless ordering applications are web-based. QR Menus are a part of the contactless ordering solution offered by dynamic contactless applications such as Butler Hospitality, Bonee, Orderlina, and mydigimenu. 

Add the QR link to your booking confirmations. Share it on your social media pages you will entice current as well as future guests about your various services. They can glance at your food Menu, tour packages, spa services, etc., The best part is, if a guest sees anything they want to join, they can INSTANTLY book, order and pay.

2. Mobile Payments & The Rise Of Walk-In Guests

Mobile Payments Via Contactless Ordering Solution

The majority of hotels all over the globe have implemented the online booking and check-ins system but have not tapped into the walk-in guest or day pass market. Additionally, make it more convenient for the walk-in customer by implementing contactless mobile ordering and payments.  

Contactless ordering solution by Orderlina implements seamless payment integrations that allow your guest to make mobile payments for booking, dining, and other services. 

Insights mention that hotels experience an 8-17% decrease in guest wait time when using mobile payment systems in QR Menus. 

3. Hotels Are Looking To Increase Revenue From Local, “Drive To” & Co-Working

Contactless Ordering Solution Helps Hotels Maximize In-Guest Revenue

With fewer people travelling now, hotels are more and more reliant on drive-to, national and walk-in guests using the hotel space for co-working. Mobile ordering solutions provide the local guests access to your services in advance; allowing en route guests to choose what services they’d like from the hotel even before arriving. Orderlina’s Menu demo shows you how to do just that. 

Walk-In Guests

Walk-In guests for hotels are one of the best assets to generate maximum revenue. For instance, coworking spaces are experiencing a yearly growth of @21.3%. Adding a no-contact system of ordering further increases the odds of achieving the best profit by offering a coworking space option displayed on the hotel menu’s home screen.

Co-working Space

Chiang Mai, Thailand is the perfect example that offers coworking space, cafes, as well as hostel facilities. To make it easier, they integrated their ordering system with Orderlina’s contactless QR Code Menu. Hotels and co-working spaces provide a better guest experience and guest social media content such as this one.

Lily Bruns, Country Manager of Draper Start Up House states, “Having a day full of meetings sometimes means going way too long without food or water – Orderlina to the rescue!  … 😋”. 

QR Code Menu

By placing a QR Code in every hotel room and in restaurant outlets, the guest gets a sense of everything the hotel has to offer customers. The walk-in guest may be looking at spending the night or having brunch or dinner and leave. But they may also choose your coworking space as a means of working remotely, which a lot of people now seek. 

Additionally, hotels may not be prepared for walk-in guest, just look at the reviews for any hotel in places such as Dubai. As per a survey conducted by Oracle, 45% of the walk-in guests agreed to return to a hotel that offers self-serving technology to ensure faster service. 

Their data also shows that 43% of the hotels have already implemented a no-contact ordering system for their guests. Contactless ordering solution enables self-servicing for all your guests, right from data entry for online check-in, to contactless payment options. This means a higher-order basket from the walk-in guest and more upsell opsell opportunities from guests who are staying at the hotel. 

4. Partner Kitchens & Restaurants

Partner services

Butler hospitality encourages hotels to “ditch the kitchen as well as partner with local restaurants to serve their hotel residents high-quality food. “Hotels no longer have the demand for on-site restaurants, and most are finding it hard to justify the costs – or more accurately the losses – associated with restaurants. If a hotel is struggling to stay open, closing its on-site restaurant and investing Room Service by Butler instead is an obvious panacea.” 

Incorporate your contactless menu with partner kitchen or restaurant options for your guests. Give them a variety of eateries as well as dishes to choose from, as well as ditch the in-house kitchen. Moreover, not only do hotels save on F&B overheads, but they also grow their local economy by partnering with local restaurants. 

5. Show Case Tours & Events

Display Events, Spa, Tours With Orderlina’s Contactless Ordering Solution

Reaching a potential target audience to showcase their unmatched services has always been one of the worst hospitality businesses’ dilemmas. Who can act as a more potential client than one at your hotel; for a stay, or even for a dine-in?  

Put your in-guest promotions on autopilot by promoting the following: 

  1. Happy hours
  2. Spa treatments
  3. Events
  4. Tours
  5. Dining options

Enabling self-servicing options for booking events as well as tours puts your hotel’s unique selling points right on the guest’s phone. Also, adding extra features via concierge apps to maintain 360-degree interaction with guests also displays how the hotel values its customers. This maximizes in-guest revenue.


6. Integrate the QR Menu Mobile Ordering Solution With The POS & PMS

POS & PMS by Oracle

PMS – Lies at the heart of almost every resort handling reservation as well as client booking plus end-of-stay bill.


  • A single source of truth for the gest’s end of stay bill.
  • Guests can view, order and pay the hotel’s food and service offerings pre-arrival as the menu link is included in the booking confirmation emails.



  • No data entry for staff as mobile orders are sent directly to the POS
  • Better reviews. Guests do not need to wait for service and can order from anywhere
  • Hotels can operate with less serving staff.
  • Additional sales channels such as pick-up, delivery and drive through.

Oracle is an industry leader in providing cloud PMS as well as POS services. Also, it houses multiple contactless operation options for its hospitality clients. Moreover, in one of their blogs, oracle mentions a conversation they had with one of their clients about moving their POS system to Oracle MICROS Symphony

The client said, “Symphony’s ability to interface with third-party systems helped us quickly and easily enable new sales channels like online ordering and delivery.” 


Hotel Mobile Ordering Solution

HotelTime Solutions, a cloud-based solution for hospitality businesses, mentions that the hotel tech industry should focus on enhancing the guest experience. By developing tools that automate all internal tasks, the hotel concierge, and staff can concentrate on attending to guests.  

“Orderlina’s contactless ordering solution fits this perfectly – not only it’s contactless, but it allows guests to place the order themselves, more quickly and from their own devices. On top of that, thanks to the POS and PMS integration with our systems, HotelTime and Orderlina together can also improve the efficiency of staff and the F&B operation.”Jan Hejny, CEO & Founder – HotelTime Solutions.

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