Hotel Pool Thailand in Low Service Area

Restaurant Ordering Software Can Help Hotels/Restaurants in Thailand

Thai culture is extremely welcoming; so one would wonder why a large hotel needs to offer guests any additional table and room ordering option such as restaurant ordering software. Many hotels in Thailand are staffed with literal armies or people just waiting to help customers make an additional order. Even the smallest roadside restaurant has smiling people ready to add the next ice cube into your drink.

Languages Other Than English

Language is a huge challenge. Staff want to please but cannot communicate in the guest language. While the tourist industry in Thailand has made huge headway into educating service staff it’s a huge ask for staff to speak languages other than English to cater to the influx; of Chinese and Indian tourists. An app can help here. Providing menus and services in multiple languages allows staff to focus more on the delivery of a meal or service requested. Guests can interact with the hotel in their language to see what is on offer. Hotels are then better equipped to reach out to their guests rather than see them look elsewhere for a service provided by the hotel.

Huge Venues

The sheer size of resort complexes in Thailand makes for a challenge. Low services areas at the far edge of the pool mean that guests will rather lie back in their beds rather than walk to the bar. Restaurant ordering software can help here. This can mean that a guest sitting by the pool can order from a restaurant on the far side of the resort increasing sales for each venue and removing the distance problem. A guest may not even know the hotel bar has a happy hour and thus leave the premises in search of something that caters to their needs. Room and table ordering software informs guests of specials, discounts, events, and services – direct to their phone and where they want to order.

Tourists Stay In Multiple Hotels

A typical tourist visiting Thailand will most likely visit more than one location staying at a range of different hotel brands. An ordering platform connecting these venues will ensure guests can interact with each of these hotels using the same app. While no hotel brand wants to simply be an off-the-shelf item on a large platform; rather shows a unique offering of services and experiences. A hotel ordering platform that respects the unique style of the venue while part of a larger network will ensure the venue’s experience offers to a larger range of guests in multiple languages. Even medium-sized independent hotels can be connected and cross-sell to each other by being part of the same platform.

Orderlina – Best Restaurant Ordering Software

Orderlina is a unique hotel ordering platform offering multi-language menus. The ease of use ensures venues can be set up in minutes and take orders that day. Even the entry-level plan offers an included menu translation to help the hotel get up and running fast. Staff using Orderlina love that miscommunications are reduced as guests order in their language. Auto-detection ensures the guest is prompted to start ordering from the specific hotel venue so low service areas can benefit from additional orders. By being part of a platform hotels can benefit from tourists wanting to order in their language, their way.

Why Choose Restaurant Ordering Software From Orderlina?

High-end hotels and restaurants want to benefit from increased revenue. It can happen through online table ordering while respecting the venue’s branding and unique guest experiences. When a guest uses Orderlina to order they only see the menu and services offered by that venue. The hotel or restaurant is not simply another line item in another viral app. The venue can show off its services and specialty dishes while maintaining control over pricing.

Guests access the menu through the platform and can use the same app at other venues. Venues benefit from white-labeling while guests access a network of venues using the Orderlina platform. They are not constantly downloading a new app for each restaurant. This makes Orderlina the preferred option for hotel and restaurant chains. Independent hotels and restaurants are able to benefit from an ordering platform without the investment required to build an app. Due to the increase in orders; revenue increases with the convenience of a restaurant ordering software. Guests have the option of how to interact with the venue

There is always resistance when adopting new technology. F&B cannot afford to slow down while rolling out a new restaurant ordering software. Current Orderlina engagements have shown that during a typical pre-start meeting is all the time required to bring staff up to speed with the new ordering platform. Set up, such as adding menus, should not be tedious. Orderlina provides for both configurations via a website and mobile phone app for editing from the restaurant floor. The Orderlina app is flexible enough to replicate the current ordering practice. It’s built for restaurants and hotels and has a similar interface to existing POS systems. Drop us an email at if you have any questions or would like a free online ordering platform implementation consultation.

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