How to Choose Mobile Ordering for Your Hotel or Restaurant

How to Choose Mobile Ordering for Your Hotel or Restaurant

How to Choose Mobile Ordering for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Choosing the right Mobile Ordering Solution for your hotel or restaurant is the challenging next step in technology adoption. Here are what you should consider when finding the right ordering system for your venue.


Guests Can Order Immediately


Mobile Ordering App

Put your venue’s experience into the hands of the guests. Many guests enjoy the fact they can start ordering as soon as they arrive at your restaurant or hotel. This also increases revenue to larger venues able to serve all areas with existing staffing levels.

The phone is already in their hand so why not let them order from their own device? Not only does this reduce the hardware costs of tablets or waiter mobile POS Solutions but it also means there is no adoption required for existing staff.

They simply receive the orders as they would normally, from the device sitting above the cashier.


Orderlina Tablet Ordering
Orders Are Managed Using Existing Processes



With a digital menu, the restaurant or hotel can adjust menu items on the fly. High ticket items can be promoted, out of stock items can be removed. Guests are able to read the menu in their own language reducing order error.

The solution should promote your brand and offer an easy way for guests to interact with your venue. Guests should have the option of purchasing via the app. This greatly reduces staff time in order processing. Bring the menu – take the menu – bring the order – bring the bill – bring the credit card machine – bring the receipt…it does not need to be so time-consuming. An e-menu on a mobile ordering app reduces staff time in order processing, allowing them more time with guests.

The hotel or restaurant serves more guests with the same amount of staff. Due to convenience guests order more, increasing revenue for the venue.



Offer Events & Services

Hotels, bars, and restaurants have promotions and upcoming events that need to be promoted to guests.

An ordering platform that puts these services in front of the guest and giving them the option to purchase then and there is the simplest way to increase event or service awareness.

They are already in your venue so a mobile ordering solution provides the guest the enticement to return, especially as they have enjoyed their experience the first time.


The platform should gorgeously display your brand


Monthly Payment Option

Platforms taking a percentage of sales soon adds up making it difficult to predict the actual cost of the solution. A mobile ordering platform that offers a subscription plan means that additional revenue generated by the venue is kept by the restaurant or hotel. As the venue promotes the usage of the mobile solution more revenu is gained. As a fixed monthly subscription, the restaurant or hotel can budget for the cost of the platform.

Venue managers are more likely to promote the use of the platform knowing that additional revenue is kept by the hotel or restaurant.


Hotel Concierge In-App Chat


Chat with guests
The Hotel Concierge Chat feature allows you to chat directly with guests.

A chat feature allows you to get in touch with guests even before they arrive. Not only does this create a better relationship with the guest, you can also begin promoting your venue’s attractions and services, giving them the option to purchase even before they arrive. Obviously there is a huge benefit to hotels when guests can chat directly with front desk. Restaurants too can benefit by communicating with guests regarding their reservation and getting them thinking about the day’s specials.


An Ordering Platform for Everyone

This area needs to be disrupted. Individual hotels and some restaurants are creating localized apps forcing guests to download their own apps.

The aim is to increase brand loyalty. Why not have both? An app that the guest is able to use in multiple venues, removing the need for multiple app downloads. This would certainly increase the revolution of table ordering technology.

The platform, however, must display the venue’s brand. When the guest opens the app they should be immediately served that venue’s menu and service items, thus giving the appearance of a white-labeled solution by the restaurant or hotel.

Not sure about the next steps? While you may not become our customer we would be happy to talk through the problems you are trying to solve and how to look for the right technology that suits your venue’s brand. Book your consultation on choosing your mobile ordering solution here