How to Create a Digital Menu for a Hotel or Restaurant

How to Create a Digital Menu for a Hotel or Restaurant

During a recent date, a hotel rooftop pool bar was the choice of venue. We had an amazing view with our secluded table sunk slightly into the pool.

While there was plenty of wait staff the majority of their time was spent going back and forth to the service area.

They had to bring guests the menu, take the order, take the menu, bring the bill, bring the credit card receipt.

Imagine if they had more time with guests and spent less time in order processing?

I would have liked advice on the specialty cocktails but the staff was quite busy distributing and un-distributing menus to customers so didn’t bother asking.

Large venue restaurants and hotels, attracting high traffic volumes, have the challenge of maintaining their brand’s quality of service throughout all their service areas.

Hiring additional staff is not necessarily a viable solution, especially during the low season. Staff simply can’t be everywhere all the time.

This is where digital menus come to the rescue. An ordering app for hotels and restaurants puts the guest in control of their own experience while increasing revenue with more orders (see also).


Table Ordering

A digital menu provides table ordering by immediately offering the menu to the guest wherever they are sitting.

Either via a mobile app, tablet menu or kiosk menu. The guest can start ordering or call over the wait staff for further assistance, right from the digital menu.

They can choose to view the menu in their own language thus avoiding any language barriers. Did you know most poor reviews result from a misunderstanding in the ordering process?

The flexibility of a multi-language menu means guests are more able to order exactly what they want.


Digital Menus are Easier to Maintain!

Digital menus are much easier to maintain. Menu’s can be edited directly from the phone saving costly reprint and re-design.

The menu is published using the app avoiding the need for menu design software.

The venue manager can cross-sell specials and meal add-ons. Items that meet dietary requirements can be clearly communicated and identifiable. Overstocked items can be discounted and this can be updated to the entire restaurant, ensuring every patron benefits from the up-to-date menu.

Guests are able to read the menu how they want, with a few taps they can see vegan burgers or salads as a digital menu works dynamically, grouping items as per a diner’s choice.


Better Data, Better Client Understanding

A venue manager can analyze sales data. See which items are selling well and which could be possibly removed from the menu.

They can understand their guests better, who has visited before and what they like to order.

They know which are the busiest times during the week, returning customers can be identified and rewarded.

High performing staff can be easily identified ensuring their skills can be passed on to others.


What to look for in a hotel or restaurant table ordering system?

The online ordering platform should be part of a network while respecting branding.

Diners hesitate from downloading an app that can only be used in one venue, while hotel and restaurant owners do not want to be another listing on a massive food ordering app.

Orderlina will detect a guest’s location and the user is immediately prompted to start ordering from that venue. As the guest can only see the menu from that hotel or restaurant, with their branding, the experience is one very similar to that if ordering from an in-house app.

If they visit another restaurant, regardless if part of the same chain, they are directed to the digital menu of the new venue. Orderlina is the canvas, while the restaurant or hotel creates the work to be displayed. The Orderlina platform works quietly in the background.

Adding menus should not be tedious. The platform should allow for both configurations via a website and mobile phone app for editing from the restaurant floor. There should be a zero learning curve and staff should be able to intuitively understand how to use and manage the solution.

The app should also be flexible enough to integrate into the current ordering practice so there is minimal disruption to existing processes.

Orderlina is currently offering to create your menu and translate it for free on all plans!* Yes, you read that right! Our team of designers will ensure venue branding is maintained while the linguists will professionally translate your menu into the required languages.


6 Steps to Creating a Digital Menu or Table Ordering System for your Hotel or Restaurant with Orderlina


  1. Download OManager. As the venue manager, start with setting up your first menu. You may want to check with your manager first, just be sure to tell them that it’s a month’s free trial with no credit card required. A month is plenty of time to trial the platform and allow it to increase orders for your business.
  2. Once logged into OManager, select a starter template of Restaurant, Hotel, or bar, to begin populating the menu. Alternatively, send us a soft copy off your menu and we’ll do this step for you. As soon as you switch from the trial plan to paid we will even translate your menu into any language. Our aim is that Orderlina becomes your tool, just like the chef’s new knife set.
  3. Make it active, this ensures dinners who are near your venue will be prompted on the app as soon as they open Orderlina.
  4. Download the customer Orderlina app and send through an order. How easy!
  5. Tell Your Staff. It’s important to explain that Orderlina gives them better quality time with guests and less time processing orders, it will make their job much more enjoyable.
  6. Tell Your Customers. Like your famous burger, it’s no good if no one knows about it. Put the word out there, encourage them to download Orderlina via any reservation emails you send out. Our onboarding kit also has template table and room flyers for downloading.

Need more detail? Click Get Started for a free month’s trial of Orderlina so we can send you out our full onboarding kit. Email us your menu and we’ll upload it for you!

*Menus are translated free on all plans after the trial period and upon commencing a paid plan.