Our Story



Who We Are?


All of us at Orderlina understand the challenge of large venues. Having been guests ourselves we wanted to put the ability for each venue to create a personalized platform. We wanted to provide guest interaction in their own language, their own way. While sitting down to a lovely meal at a large hotel restaurant in Melbourne we noticed the challenge to both guests and venue staff in large establishments. Staff was spending too much time processing orders and less time with guests…who were kept waiting for their next order. We knew a software solution could help and with our background in software development we came up with a simple solution to help – Orderlina!


Shaun De Silva – CEO & Co-Founder

Working as a developer for one of Australia’s largest financial institutions gave Shaun insight into software development, payment processing, and integrations. A strong business mind along with his entrepreneurial spirit ensures he understands business owners along with the technical ability to deliver solutions that solve real problems. LinkedIn


Rohan Watt – Co-Founder

Has worked for over ten years for one of the largest software collaboration platform startups in the world. He is passionate about solving real problems with software. His heart is connected to the client and is experienced in delivering successful software rollouts to some of the largest enterprise clients around the world. LinkedIn