Orderlina QR Menu

Contactless QR Menu – Reach All Areas of Your Hotel or Restaurant

By providing table order to all areas of your venue via a contactless QR menu staff are spending less time processing orders and more time with guests. Upon being seated guests have immediate access to the menu and can begin ordering straight away. Staff will spend much less time cleaning menus and room directories. With limited staff and low occupancy, a contactless hotel or restaurant can provide guests with the same level of service they expect regardless if they are by the pool, at the bar, or in their room.

This is especially helpful for hotels and large venue restaurants. Guests can be in low service areas, maintain social distancing, and still access menus and services where they are. This increases revenue to the venue, guests just find it easier to order from their phone. Especially if they are in their room. They no longer have to search for the outdated room menu and long confusing calls to reception to place the order.

Venues can also directly sell tours and transfers by on the contactless menu keeping their revenue in-house.

Both the guest and the venue have better data. The guest can see what they ordered last time. The venue now knows which are the most preferred meals and can even suggest alternatives to try based on the guest’s previous orders.

Orderlina’s solutions can provide hotels with room, pool, and beach order. They can open faster and safer. High volume restaurants can benefit from a contactless QR Menu by providing guests with contactless payments, less surfaces for guests to touch, and a higher table turn over.



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