Connecting a QR Menu to Social Media and Maximize Revenue

Digital menus provide the opportunity for restaurants and hotels to build their brand by connecting automatically with their audience over social media. A QR menu allows brands to increase their social media reach, take orders via Facebook and Instagram, and promote their takeaway products and services to their dine-in guests. Here’s our guide on setting up your Orderlina QR menu with your social media accounts.

contactless menu social media sharing buttons

Add Facebook & Instagram to Your Menu

Login to Orderlina MANAGER, select SOCIAL, and add your social media accounts. You can then customize your message to increase guest visits. Also be sure to let your guests know how they can find out about special offers and events as well as how they can support your business by sharing with their friends.


  • Insert your Facebook and Instagram links
  • Encourage your guests to share

How to Add the “Start Order” Button to Your Facebook Page

High-volume restaurant brands such as Lulu’s and Cafedelseoul report that having the “Start Order” button on their Facebook pages increases their pickup order volume and gives foodies a chance to view the menu prior to their next visit.

To add the “Start Order” button to your Facebook page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Click “Edit Shop Now Button.” (It may say something different.)
  3. Click “Start Order.”
  4. Paste in your menu link and click Save.
  5. Click “Edit Start Order Button” and “Test Button” to ensure it’s working correctly.
  6. Tell your guests about it!

Prefer to watch a video? Click here to view the complete video of adding the “Start Order” button to your Facebook page.


  • Update your “Shop Now” button to the “Start Order” option
  • Paste in your menu link and test your button
  • Tell your guests on social media

How to Get Orders From Instagram With a QR Menu

Instagram foodies love to follow great restaurants, so why not give them a chance to view your menu and order one your great dishes instead of just “window shopping”?

Putting your QR menu link in your bio is a great way to attract more business to your restaurant. Guests can view digital menus, order immediately, and check out your website or other platforms, all through your QR menu link.

  1. Open Instagram and click your logo.
  2. Click Edit Profile on the mobile app or Settings on web.
  3. Paste in your menu link.

Make sure you have configured your Orderlina guest types to include additional links such as your website or other ordering platforms. To do this, log into Orderlina MANAGER and go into TYPES, then add a TYPE for each external link you wish to promote.

As you will see in the re-marketing section below, you can target anyone who visits your menu with Facebook and Instagram ads. For brands that want to move their customers to in-house delivery, this shows guests your available delivery options while being able to re-market your direct delivery or takeaway to those using third-party digital menus and delivery apps. Check out how we’ve done it on our Instagram profile or see the image below.


Orderlina delivery details screen


  • Use Your QR menu link as your website in your Instagram profile
  • Add types to your Orderlina menu for your website or other ordering platforms

Re-Marketing: Add Your Facebook Pixel to a QR Menu

The Facebook Pixel is a simple code plugged into your QR menu that enables you to target ads to the guests who use your menu. Yes – everyone who touches your menu can now receive information about your delivery and takeaway products, steak nights or happy hours, and new menu items via Facebook and Instagram.

This is a game-changer if your aim is to grow your brand through your existing customer base. If you have a Social Media Manager, we recommend having them go through these steps or engaging an expert to help with the Facebook Ads initially.

Let’s get this plugged into your QR menu:

  1. Log in to MANAGER on Orderlina.
  2. Click here to set up or find out your Pixel.
  3. Paste your Pixel into MARKETING (see image below).
  4. Click here to have Facebook build a custom audience of your guests who have visited your audience.
  5. Use our recommended settings. Paste your menu link in this format:* (see image below). *This is just your menu link without “https://” portion.
  6. Boost a post or run an ad, making sure you choose the custom audience you have created.


  • Add your Pixel
  • Create a custom audience
  • Boost a post or run an ad targeted at your custom audience
  • Engage an expert if you want to further enhance your ads

QR Menus and Social Media Conclusion

There is now a natural push toward supporting restaurants through direct ordering, and many of your guests would be happy to get behind you. Digital menus put the tools right on their phones to share their favourite meals with their friends and connect with you on social media.

Your staff can also get behind your brand by interacting with guests and encouraging them to get involved.  Have them let guests know that by ordering their next pickup directly from your social media QR menu, more of the profit goes to the restaurant and supports the staff and their families.

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