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Why Hotels in Dubai Need an Online Ordering App

Running a large hotel venue in Dubai comes with a unique set of challenges. Specifically; venues are MUCH larger, clients have an extremely high expectation of ‘service’, and staff turnover is generally quite high. Adding to this, a single venue may have several pools, multiple bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, conference rooms, or even its own transport system. A venue manager is more like the mayor of a small city than a hotel general manager.
Ordering App
Large Venues have the challenge of reaching guests in low service areas

The Challenge

The challenge is real. A quick look at reviews, notably larger service venues, will show the same problem over and over again; poor service. While reviews are quick to blame staff, the problem is not an easy one to solve, even with the most experienced of serving professionals. Staff barely out of training keeps an eye on a vast service area filled with patrons speaking multiple languages with different dietary requirements in extreme outside temperatures. Typical service experience in Dubai will start with getting the attention of the waiter, they bring over the menu, get their attention again, they take the order. Meals are delivered and dishes taken away. Get the waiter’s attention again, ask for the bill, they bring back the bill then go back for the credit card machine. Was the guest sitting at the far end of the pool? That particular server has just walked nearly a kilometer for one order! There must be a better way. Don’t get us wrong, there are many venues that get this right – Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates is just more challenging.
Ordering App
The convenience of table ordering increases venue revenue

Guest Experience Brings Revenue

Venue managers know well how a less than adequate guest experience means lost business. But this barely scratches the surface of guests missing out and money left on the table for the venue. How many times have guests ordered less simply because they were not aware of existing deals or happy hours? Many times tours are half empty due to the challenge of informing guests tomorrow’s tour is discounted. Guests not aware of in house venue events such as music or shows so they spend their evenings in competing premises simply because they did not know what was on offer in the hotel where they are staying.

Hotel Concierge Chat

Guests are far more ready to ask a quick question via a chat function than trying to get through to reception; only to be transferred. If a guest wants to enquire about a tour or transfer, the guest then must receive service immediately, rather than book elsewhere. If they already have that service on their digital menu then they will receive this message in their language. A hotel concierge app provides a more convenient way for guests to interact with the venue. The hotel is able to keep revenue on its premises by providing the guest with services that can be immediately be purchased.

Guests Choose

What if you could put the experience in the hands of the patron? Imagine if they could order directly from their phone using a table ordering app? Based on their order they are prompted for daily specials or enhancements to their meal. Perhaps they order drinks first, giving the serving staff the opportunity to suggest particular meals to go along with their drinks. Conversations aren’t interrupted, children are not left unattended, suntans are consistent, payment is made from the app and the guest simply walk away having had an experience they created.

A Unique Platform for Your Venue

Orderlina aims to make every guest experience an easy one. Access to the menu in their own language, explaining recommended dishes and dietary customizations using the. Food & Beverage managers see the order and can coordinate immediately. One can adjust the menu directly from the mobile app on the fly to promote specials and deals. Services, such as laundry and concierge also can be ordered directly from the room. There is no struggle explaining their needs over the phone in a language not their own. Guests can review tours on offer explained to them their language.
Ordering App
An Ordering App Allows venues to promote all their services to guests

Why Choose Orderlina?

High-end hotels and restaurants want to benefit from increased revenue through online table ordering while respecting the venue’s branding and unique guest experiences. When a guest uses Orderlina to order they only see the menu and services offered by that venue. The hotel or restaurant is not simply another line item in another viral app. The venue can show off their services and specialty dishes while maintaining control overpricing. Guests access the menu through the platform and can use the same app at other venues. Venues benefit from white-labeling while guests access a network of venues using the Orderlina platform. They are not constantly downloading a new app for each restaurant. This makes Orderlina the preferred option for hotel and restaurant chains. Independent hotels and restaurants are able to benefit from an ordering platform without the investment required to build an app. Due to more orders, the revenue boosts with the convenience of an ordering platform. Guests have the option of how to interact with the venue There is always resistance when adopting new technology. F&B cannot afford to slow down while rolling out a new order managing system. Current Orderlina engagements have shown that during a typical pre-start. Meeting acts as an all the time requirement as it brings staff up to speed with the new ordering platform. Set up, such as adding menus, should not be tedious. Orderlina provides for both configurations via a website and mobile phone app for editing from the restaurant floor. The Orderlina app is flexible enough to replicate the current ordering practice. It’s built for restaurants and hotels and has a similar interface; to existing POS systems. Drop us an email at if you have any questions or would like a free online ordering platform implementation consultation. Click here to get started on creating your own online ordering platform for your Dubai venue.

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