Top Reasons Why a QR Code Menu Is Good for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Top Reasons Why a QR Code Menu Is Good for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Top Reasons Why a QR Code Menu Is Good for Your Hotel or Restaurant

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A QR code menu provides a contactless ordering and payment solution for your guests as well as staff. Hotels and restaurants can open with fewer resources, earn additional revenue, and assuage guests who are wary of high-touch surfaces.


Digital menus for hotels as well as restaurants should give guests immediate access via a QR code to put the ordering experience completely in their hands. Diners do not want to go through the process of downloading an app simply for the convenience of table ordering. Same for hotel guests – they may only be around for a few days, so they just want quick access to a food and beverage menu and to view additional services offered by the hotel to see if anything strikes their fancy. A QR menu enables all of this.

6 Ways Restaurants and Hotels Benefit From a QR Code Menu

We’re going to talk more about each of these benefits in more detail, but here’s a quick rundown of what we’ll cover:

  1. Better brand reach
  2. Fewer miscommunications while placing orders
  3. Staff can spend their time in other areas where it’s needed
  4. Maximize revenues by directly booking other services instead of using a third party (e.g., off-site tours)
  5. Cheaper to maintain and faster to deploy
  6. COVID-19 sign-in for track and trace (if applicable)


A contactless menu for your hotel or restaurant gives guests peace of mind.


1. Better Brand Reach

A QR menu enables you to connect more easily with customers via social media. As guests browse your menu, they can directly share to their social media accounts. This starts to build your brand’s reach through increased interactions with guests. 

Another key benefit is that restaurants are able to directly market delivery, takeaway, and catering to dine-in guests so they are aware of these other services offered. They may not need those services but maybe they know someone who does, and the sharing feature allows them to quickly send the menu to someone who comes to mind. This represents an opportunity for restaurants to increase their reach as well as their revenue.

Another plus: You now also have better guest data as you’ll know which items are most popular. Robust analytics should be part of any QR menu solution.


Increase brand reach with social media sharing.
Guests can directly share your QR-powered digital menu on social media


2. Fewer Order Errors

Your Orderlina QR menu allows guests to order from your menu and also “like” their favorite dishes. Since the digital menu features images, guests can clearly see what they will receive before deciding what to order, and of course you can add descriptions of the dishes for more details.

Using a contactless menu for ordering also reduces errors due to miscommunications such as hearing the customer incorrectly or making a mistake while entering the order into the POS software. The entire ordering process can be streamlined, with the risk of these errors reduced to virtually zero.

This is also great in tourist areas so servers do not have to worry about requests being lost in translation. As guests “like” their chosen dishes, they can show this to the server. Orderlina has multi-lingual capabilities so this is another way a QR menu reduces miscommunications surrounding the ordering process.


3. Staff Can Reprioritize Their Time

Text-based menus always leave the guest wondering what the dish actually looks like. With a picture-based menu, people need less explanation as diners can see what each item looks like. Research has shown that many diners already check Instagram prior to visiting a new venue to see real-life examples of the dishes they might want to order.

Orderlina still allows text to accompany each item for a full description, just like a traditional menu. The contactless menu ups the game with ingredient and allergen explanations as well as dietary specifications that are always current.

For restaurants that don’t want to completely do away with physical menus, by simply adding a QR code to an existing menu, guests can interact with the digital menu and find what best fits their taste, serving size, and dietary needs.

All of these features end in guests requiring less explanation from staff, which leaves staff to focus on other activities like checking back in with guests who have ordered already or dealing with back-of-house tasks.


Orderlina provides a contactless menu solution for upselling other services.


4. Maximize Revenue By Directly Booking Other Services

Other experiential services are being promoted directly to your guests by outside marketers; how about you provide your own solution?

Special events, dinners, tours, and myriad other services can be made prominent during guest interactions with the digital menu. The guest sits down to dinner, scans into the menu, and the first thing they see is there is a discount on the morning’s city tour. After the guest shows their partner the photos, they book the tour along with their meal. This gives you the opportunity to get commissions by partnering with those offering these local experiences.

For hotels, offering concierge services like booking tours, day trips, and spa services with outside vendors is a tried and true way of increasing revenue, but one single front desk clerk can easily be overwhelmed when trying to manage check-in/checkout plus assist guests during their stay. A QR menu provides an alternative that is even better since guests are in total control of bookings.

Hotels can also partner with local restaurants and use Orderlina for commission-free delivery for guests, too.


5. Digital Menus Are Cheaper to Maintain, Faster to Deploy

A digital, contactless menu is dynamic and easy to manage. You can quickly add specials, remove out of stock items, and add different languages to improve guest interaction. Physical menus add a cost to maintain and keep updated, but can be made irrelevant by using a QR menu. The guest simply scans into the QR code menu and is shown beautiful photos, daily specials, and nothing that is currently out of stock.


6. Track and Trace

If your municipality requires it, you can implement a check-in screen for the purposes of contact tracing.

Track and Trace functionality gives restaurants the ability to capture the contact information of their guests to comply with local regulations as applicable.

The last thing guests want is to pick up a pen someone else has used – this defeats the purpose of going contactless. By including the COVID sign-in as part of your QR menu, you ensure that guests enter their contact information upon scanning the QR code, and then your menu can immediately load for them to view. Faster check-in and ordering means a quicker table turn, which increases the revenue of restaurants with limited seating due to COVID restrictions.


Hotels and Restaurants Are Increasing Revenue With Mobile Ordering

For a closer relationship with your guests, you must be in their phones.

For restaurant owners – how often do you hear guests discuss the local happy hour at the venue down the street, not knowing that your venue has a happy hour with better value on the same day?

For hotel owners – how many times have you sighed as a guest books a tour online or watched money walk out the door as they head out for dinner instead of ordering in?

Mobile ordering is coming to disrupt…now is the time to get on board.

Orderlina has a pricing plan to fit every venue and we will set up your QR-powered, contactless menu at no cost, so go ahead and try our free plan! Check out what our customers are saying on our Facebook Page and contact us to find out more about what we can do for your restaurant or hotel.