Why Your Menu Should Be Accessible via a QR Code for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Why Your Menu Should Be Accessible via a QR Code for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Why Your Menu Should Be Accessible via a QR Code for Your Hotel or Restaurant

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A QR Code Food Menu provides a contactless ordering & payment solution for your guests and staff. Hotels and restaurants can open faster, earn additional revenue, and keep guests safe from surfaces potentially carrying COVDI19.

Digital Menus, for hotels and restaurants, should give the guest immediate access via a QR code to put the ordering experience in their hands.

Dinners typically do not want to go through the process of downloading an app simply for the convenience of table ordering. Same for hotel guests, they may only be around for a few days so they just want quick access to the menu and services. Here is where the QR code comes in, directing guests to the menu’s webpage via their phone. No downloads, no sign-ins, just the gorgeous menu on your guests’ phone!


How Restaurants & Hotels Benefit from Mobile Menus via QR Code



Better Customer Data Helps Find More Dinners

Connect easier with customers via their social media accounts.

Your menu is on their phone let them take the next step and login via their social media account.

This starts to build the brand through increased interactions with guests. The guest is interacting with the menu using social media thus promoting the venue to their friends. The venue now has better data on their guest profile, knows which items are most popular, and generates the most revenue. The key benefit is that restaurants are now able to directly market dine-in guests with their delivery and takeaway menus. This represents an opportunity for restaurants to increase brand reach and revenue just by protecting their guests through contactless ordering. 


Orderlina being used by a couple at a restaurant
With a picture-based mobile menu as a companion, there is less order error as diners see what they are getting.


Less Order Error

Order error is reduced. The Orderlina digital menu allows guests to order from your menu or ‘like’ their favorite dishes. As guests ‘like’ their chosen dishes they can show this to the server, this works regardless of languages spoken as the menu is multi-lingual. If ordering is enabled on the mobile menu guests clearly see what they are getting before the dish arrives. Ordering is in the control of the guest which is great in tourist areas who do not have to worry about requests being lost in translation.


Staff Spend Less Time at the Table Explaining Dishes & More Time Serving

Text-based menus always leave the guest wondering what the dish actually looks like. With a picture-based menu, less explanation is needed as dinners see what their item looks like. Foodie dinners already check Instagram prior to visiting a venue. A picture-based menu ups the game with ingredient explanations and dietary specifications that are always updated. By simply adding a QR code to an existing menu guests can now have a way to interact with the menu and find what best fits their taste, serving size and dietary needs. Guests require less explanation from staff and order error is greatly reduced.



Don’t Lose Revenue to Online Tour Booking Services

Suggested tours and services are being promoted to your guests directly to their phone by outside tour guides, here are how you can promote yours.

Special events, dinners, tours, and services can be made prominent during guest interactions with the menu. The guest sits down to dinner, scans into the menu and the first thing they see is there is a discount on the morning’s city tour. After the guest shows their partner the photos, they book the tour along with their meal. Hotels can increase in-guest revenue, rather than loose tour money to guest booking online and by-passing the hotel services. Restaurants can promote special dinners or local food tours they sponsor.


Digital Menus: Cheaper to Maintain, Faster to Deploy

Menus are suddenly easy to manage and dynamic. Specials can be quickly added, out of stock items removed. Different languages can be added to improve guest interaction. Raggedy menus and cost to maintain are no longer as important as the guest scans into the menu and are shown beautiful photos of their specials.


Hotels & Restaurants Are Increasing Revenue with Mobile Ordering

For a closer relationship with your guests, you must be on their phones. As hotel owners how many times have you sighed as a guest book a tour online and you watch as the money walks out the door as they are picked up? As restaurant owners how ofter do you hear guests discuss the local happy hour at the next-door venue, not knowing that your venue has a happy hour with better value on the same day? Mobile ordering is coming to disrupt…now is the time to get on board.

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